Wilmer Murillo is a commercial artist from Honduras, Central America.

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Ancient cultures, mysticism, sci-fi and experimental electronic music are some of the things that inspire the imagery of Wilmer Murillo. Doodled lines, bright colors, and geometrical shapes are just some of the features he uses to bring his inner world to your eyes and mind.

The style of his work is very versatile and has had various stages and transformations over the years, which has allowed him to work and collaborate with different types of applications such as murals, editorial illustration, mobile apps, books and other projects, continuosly bluring the line between design and art.

Wilmer currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he is studying a Master of Arts in the the University of Arts of Taipei while continuously experiments with his graphic skills and creations.

On the Web

“Wilmer Murillo dreams up bizarre and fantastical creatures, bringing them to life using sharpies and computers. Buoyantly colorful, each of his works feature a different dreamlike doodle, introducing you to numerous kooky (and sometimes spooky) characters.”

“Wilmer Murillo’s beautiful illustrations are a fresh take on totems and Central American ancient art.”
- Juxtapoz (blog)



Totem and Tabu (group) | Santiago, Chile | 2013
Inkygoodness Beermat Characters (group) | London, UK | 2013
Malacandra (solo) | Tegucigalpa, Hoduras | 2012
Apocalypse! Nurant magazine| Milan, Italy | 2012
Pictoplasma’s Missing Link (group) | Paris, France | 2011
UpLift (group) | Ontario, Canada | 2011
Inkygoodness’s Character Totem (group)| Birmingham, United Kingdom | 2011
Circo Volante (group) | Cagliari, Italy | 2011
Hello Grotesque! (group) | Tegucigalpa, Honduras | 2010
Circotopia (solo) | Copan, Honduras | 2010
El Canario y La Criatura (solo) | Tegucigalpa, Honduras | 2010

Publications and clients

Gigantes en Nuestras Tierras (first illustrated book +info)
Soul Pancake Book
Gooo Magazine
Ammo Magazine
XFuns Magazine
T-post magazine